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Let’s play a game: What country would you choose to live in; where would you … – Atlanta Journal Constitution (blog)

A family we know has joined the United States State Department and essentially they could be sent any where in the world. I don’t think they are allowed to say “No” to a country but I think they could mark off some countries that they weren’t really comfortable with. I think they could also list some countries they preferred.

They are a white couple who adopted Asian babies so they are obviously concerned about the safety of their family but also wanted to choose a place where their children wouldn’t face overt racism.

My other thought other than racism is choosing a country where women’s rights are protected. I don’t think I would want to take my kids where women were treated as second-class. On the other hand: Would that be a formative, eye-opening experience for them?

I wonder if military families face the same sort of decisions? I think they have even less say about the countries they are sent but I guess the family can always choose to stay home. Michael’s mom took the family to Italy and Germany for several of his Dad’s Army tours but she refused to leave Augusta when he was sent to South Korea. I think he was stationed right on the DMZ so she said she would see him in a year. Good luck.

Michael and his brother both loved their time abroad and are still very tight with friends made in Europe. (Michael’s brother is considerably younger and did even more tours in Europe than Michael did.)

So without being mean or racist, what countries would you feel comfortable moving your family to? What countries would you mark off the list as “No Way?” What would be your criteria for choosing a country? (Pretend you can speak the language and that most likely the kids would be educated in an American or International school of some sort.)

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